Monday, April 6, 2015

End of month two


It was my dietbet weigh-out for this month this morning. I wasn't even close to making it, in fact I put back on weight I lost in the first month. I'm feeling back on track right now, but I need to make sure I don't make the same mistakes I obviously made. So what were they?

The main problem was that we had things going on for five weekends in a row, the whole period of this second month of dietbet. Some were happy and involved celebratory food; niece's birthday, husband's birthday, sister-in-law's birthday, Easter. Some were sad and took focus away from my personal battles; clearing out mum's house, my aunt's sudden death. We travelled to Sydney three times, involving fast food on the road and restaurants or eating at other people's houses when there. We had a house full of guests one whole weekend, which meant I included desserts and unhealthy snacks to be a good host. I'm not saying my weekdays were perfect either, but the weekends were the big downfall.

This particular busy pattern is not going to happen that often, but parties and travelling and visitors are still fairly regular events in my life so I need to deal with them without relying on junk food. One step would be to go back to having a picnic on the way to Sydney so at least we only have fast food one way instead of both (sometimes we can time it to avoid meals on the road, but often not). Another is to just choose healthier options, wherever I am. If there is no choice, just eat a bit less. And when I have visitors, I need to offer some more healthy options. I do cook proper meals, but then I add high-calorie dessert, and supper and between meals. I'm not doing anyone any favours. I do feel like I need to offer all these extra foods, they get gobbled down and if I don't put anything out I get asked for something, so I need to work harder at what I serve. I'm not the boss of what other people eat, but I could offer options, including things I can safely eat.

It is so much easier to stay on track when I don't have all these distractions from my regular routine. I'm hoping this month will be easier.

I was brave and foolhardy this morning and tried oats with vegemite to make them savoury instead of sweet. Disgusting. And I love vegemite! I had looked it up online and found one reference to someone trying it but they didn't comment on how it tasted. Well, yuck. I went back to the old way.

I had a very restless night. Not sure why, except I was a little sore from all the exercise. I woke after about three hours and 45 minutes with the CPAP and cursed Fogdog. Fogdog, does your wife know I regularly think about you at night in bed? I really wanted to take the stupid CPAP off but I couldn't because it hadn't been four hours, Fogdog's suggested minimum time. I kept the annoying mask on and managed to get back to sleep. Total six and a half hours with the CPAP, but restless both with and without it.

Food was good today. I made cauliflower soup for lunch and chicken fajitas with lots of salad for dinner. Only a little (25 grams) chocolate in the afternoon. I tracked everything, total 1366 calories and I burned off more than that.

I did an hour of Fantasia after breakfast so I got my exercise in early. In the afternoon I had some reading to do - I have to finish and critique this book by Wednesday night. So I spent a lot of time sitting reading, but broke it up by getting up three times and doing a little Dance Central to get the blood flowing. Total of about 40 minutes dance. I'm actually a little disappointed that I'm under 2 hours exercise for the day but I'm not going to do any more as I'm a bit worried about my knee. I got up during the night, half asleep, and over-straightened it somehow as I put my weight on it. It didn't hurt too much, but today I've done the same thing seven or eight times and it hurts a bit more each time. I'm hoping a good night's rest will fix it.

Report card:
Diet: Good.
Exercise: Great.
Water: Great.
Sleep: Good. I didn't actually sleep well but I used the CPAP.
Mental health: Mostly good.

Better and better!


  1. Awesome report card. Sorry about the diet-bet, maybe next time?

  2. She doesn't know, but technically while you're thinking about me at night in Australia it's daytime here so that makes it okay :)

    I'm glad you stuck it out and held on. Hopefully by the end of the month it won't be such a bother.

    1. Oh, that is okay then! Yeah I'll keep persevering and hopefully I won't keep waking every few hours. I generally sleep a lot better with it on.

  3. ha ha ha We have one big difference you and I, I don't think about FogDog at night.

    First time I heard about vegemite, I'm not sure if I want to have anything to do with it. Is it healthy?

    1. Um, no, not very healthy. It is a "yeast extract" whatever that means. It mainly tastes of salt. You can actually put it in beef soup to add extra salty beefy flavour although I don't do that, I put it on toast. Most foreigners trying it make the error of spreading it as thickly as they would peanut butter. Big mistake. You need a very thin scrape, over butter. Then it's delicious.