Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Running up stairs


Dad called last night and he is back home with new medication to add to his pill box, and keeping some food down. But he doesn't have results of the tests yet so we don't actually know what is wrong.

I got to the gym this morning and did 45 minutes at medium intensity on the elliptical then walked down/ran up the stairs five times for a total of 100 stairs. I made it to 10,000 steps by the end of the day. Three days in a row!

Tim was home sick today. He played computer games while I did my work. It was nice for Aiden that daddy was home, it meant he didn't have to accompany me to Jasmine's dance lesson and sit bored for an hour (he gets to play my iPhone). The studio is just far enough away that it's not worth driving home so we always stay. It's too cold to walk outside now at that time of the evening. I loved having pulled pork to come home to - and it's high carb day so I got to have a tortilla! Yummy.

Report card:
Diet: Good.
Exercise: Great.
Water: Good.
Sleep: Good with compliance, but restless.
Mental health: Good.


  1. You've been doing great with your steps! Hope the hubby has a speedy recovery. (What games does he play)

    1. He plays anything with a fantasy element. I only play World of Warcraft and Rift, but he gets anything where you can play a wizard! He has been very into Hearthstone since that came out. Right now (home sick again) he is playing Pillars of Eternity (I think that is the name).

  2. If the hospital release your father, it must not be too bad. How old is he?

    Yes you better keep up those steps, I'm watching YOU ha ha ha Good job Natalie!

    WHAT your husband is home sick and you dropped a kid on him... tss tsss girl, don't you have an heart?

    1. Dad is 74. He's always been active but with poor diet and a lot of alcohol.

      No I am heartless! Have you tried taking a small boy to a dance studio and kept him entertained for an hour twice a week?!