Monday, April 27, 2015

Nice Monday


I wasn't sure what this morning's scale would say, but I was down 0.1 kg since Friday so I guess I did pretty well on the weekend! No big sodium gain. It's even that time of the month approaching, so holding steady is excellent.

It is the last day of the autumn school holidays. The kids (and teachers) got today off, connected to the public holiday ANZAC Day which fell on Saturday this year. Odd that it's not a public holiday Monday for everyone, just state public servants. ANZAC (Australia and New Zealand Army Core) Day is the day we thank our military for their service and sacrifice. We didn't do anything particular - the official ceremony at the War Memorial is always at dawn which is a bit extreme for us - but my dad was in the Air Force when I was a child so I do take the time to think about it all.

I'm feeling very much on track today. I did half an hour of Fantasia this morning for my arms then went for a walk with the kids for my legs. I gave the kids the option of what to do on their last afternoon and after much discussion they chose watching a movie on Foxtel. I spent that time catching up on some work reading.

My food today (low carb day) means very little carbohydrate except for breakfast but I can have fat with my protein. Breakfast was one rasher of bacon, one egg, one slice of toast, one whole tomato, one cup of tea. Lunch was chicken wings and broccoli baked in the oven with lots of spices (chilli flakes, lemon zest, sumac, smoked paprika, garlic powder) and salad and a cup of tea. Afternoon snack a handful of mixed nuts, two cups of chicken and vegetable broth. Dinner steak and salad. Supper a piece of cheese.

Report card:
Diet: Great.
Exercise: Good.
Water: Excellent.
Sleep: Good.
Mental health: Good.

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