Saturday, May 28, 2016

Animated skeletons


A cool rainy day today, perfect for staying inside playing with the virtual reality headset. Of course with four of us no-one gets to play as much as they'd like. I got to progress with the dungeon game, turns out sword fighting animated skeletons is quite a workout! You don't step much in the small space but you duck and dodge and swing your sword. I just acquired a bow so I'll get to use that next time. Jasmine hasn't returned to that game, it is a bit scary in 3D even though the skeletons are quite cartoonish.

Apparently we got a couple of games free with the set, an overenthusiastic spam filter hid them originally, I've only tried one of those, it is a virtual job game. You can be a chef or a mechanic or a few other things. The chef is similar to games you've probably played in an idle moment on your smartphone, making orders for customers. But in 3D. I didn't do that... too much like my real life housewife job! but I did become a mechanic which was funny. I charged a lot for changing "headlight fluid" and added sugar to a petrol tank so the customer would have to come back again.

As I thought when the boys came over last night they all wanted to have a turn on the VR so they didn't start their movie until 10:30. I went to bed. And today found cider spilled all over my favourite cushion. Men!

I didn't do much else today, read and had a nap in front of the TV. Tim is cooking risotto for dinner. Delicious delicious carbs.

We've recently started having movie night with the kids on Saturdays, they often have a good kid's movie starting early on TV, or else we watch a DVD. Tonight we've borrowed "The Fifth Element" from Nick and I'm looking forward to seeing that again and showing it to the kids. One of my favourite movies ever. Pretty sure it's not too violent or anything. Aiden is nine but actually it's Jasmine at twelve who is much more timid and impressionable and likely to have nightmares.

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  1. I can't imagine Fifth Element could generate any nightmares... My boy & I have watched it many times; can't remember how young he was when I revealed this treasure to him, 7 or 8 maybe???
    Blonde Bruce Willis, le sigh!