Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Forty three: windy


I just deleted a long rambling post about nothing...

I got out for a walk today, to the library. It's a good distance for a walk. Lovely temperature outside, but very windy. I'm trying to overcome my excuses and just get out there.

B: cheese, apple, tea.
L: chicken, cucumber.
S: nuts, tea.
D: lemon chicken, potato, salad.


  1. It is SOOOO windy here too! Yard duty sucked today! A lot! I've lost my lardigan that used to keep me warm!

  2. Great stuff! I think some exercises, once we show our brain who is the boss and drop the excuses are the most beneficial (mentally and physicly)

    1. My brain loves to show how smart it is by coming up with unassailable excuses.

  3. Huge flash-bang lightening show which rolled thru just as I should've been getting to bed (mom's surgery early this AM, but as you can see I must check in w/My Friends in the Computer) resulted in very little rain but lots of wind. This had me lying awake at 1:00 AM, changing my original plan of showering, dressing, & feeding ponies on my way out... (if aisle of barn had flooded I didn't want to be wading it in "nice" clothes & decent shoes)