Monday, May 2, 2016

Thirty five: clean


Another Monday weigh in. Unfortunately I'm up nearly a kilogram from last week, from the damage done on Thursday and Friday. 80.5 kg. At least I didn't put on any more over the weekend. And I ate clean today, I can lose it again.

I took all the paperwork and the number plates from our two cars into the relevant government office to get them transferred to NSW, but I neglected to get Tim to sign and one of the cars is in his name. Silly mistake. Means another trip in tomorrow. At least I got Tim's phone fixed. And I came home for lunch instead of trying to negotiate restaurants or fast food.

B: raspberries and yoghurt.
S: tea (back to no sugar).
L: lamb chops, zucchini, asparagus.
D: roast beef and vegetables.

I forgot to tell you my little cannoli story. A cannoli is an Italian dessert, crisp pasty with a sweet filling. At the restaurant on Saturday night they had cannoli on the specials board and I've been wanting to try one so I decided to share one with Jasmine even though I was full of pasta. It wasn't very nice at all and I only had a couple of nibbles - Jasmine ate the chocolate filling but left the pastry and she'll usually eat anything sweet! The waitress came around and asked how it was, I hesitated but as usual said it was fine. Then she told me it was a new dish they were thinking about putting it on the permanent menu so were trying to get feedback. So I said, "Well in that case actually I didn't like it!"


  1. Look at that, this morning I'm at 84.6 KG. You want to race? First one to 75 Kg win! LOL

    1. You're on! That seems about fair, men lose weight much quicker than women.

  2. Yep, cannoli is a waste of dessert for me too - if I'm going to splurge our local Italian joint has great tiramisu!
    I'm also not racing anyone - w/my sloth-like metabolism I'm guaranteed to lose (been stuck at 90.5 kg for a good long while, but I'll post an update in a couple of wks as I clean up MY diet)!

    1. I had just assumed it was a bad cannoli. Do you mean all cannoli are bad?

    2. Not that I'm a Food Critic expert regarding cannoli - but the few I've tried were bland, pasty, & generally unimpressive, taste-wise.
      Give me a good carrot cake, Italian creme cake or that tiramisu!
      And fortunately since I've been limiting carbs, a smaller portion will suffice.