Saturday, May 21, 2016



I got up early this morning to let in the handyman who was to finally fix Aiden's chest of drawers. He came in with the missing piece. Looked at the furniture. Looked at the piece. Wrong piece. Again. Unbelievable. How many months now? I think this was the hanyman's fault, he was the one who ordered it. He apologised, a couple of hours later the furniture store called and apologised. They have ordered the (hopefully) correct part. I haven't made any decision yet about what to do. At least, as Tim says, we have a story to tell!

We didn't know what time to expect Darren, he came at 11:00am and stayed until I announced I was going to bed. We talked during meals and he played with the kids a bit, the rest of the time he played computer games. He doesn't have internet or a decent computer at home (just an old one of ours) so that's what he does when he is here. I don't mind that, it means I don't have to entertain him, except he uses my computer so I didn't get to play this evening!

I was very proud of myself that even though we had a "guest" here I didn't use that as an excuse for serving and eating unhealthy food. As well as normal lunch and dinner, we had cheese and fruit for afternoon tea, and yoghurt with fruit for dessert. Darren brought us belated Easter eggs, the kids had some but I won't. The first ingredient is sugar!

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