Monday, May 9, 2016

Forty two: weigh-in


Weigh-in Monday, 80.5kg which is a little up from last Monday and doesn't reflect the significant weight loss and then regain that happened during the week. I have two weeks left of this eight-week cycle and commit to sticking to it... mostly. It is our wedding anniversary on Thursday and we are going out to dinner. That counts as a special occasion. Having people over to watch Eurovision on TV on Sunday does not.

Jasmine is in the runny nose and coughing stage of her cold, and stayed home from school today. I find it hard to work on my writing when I have people home - but I feel guilty if I don't work. I'm sure my kids think I do nothing all day while they are at school, because if they are home sick we take it easy and read, watch TV and play computer games. (Sounds like a great lifestyle, actually.) I have to prove I don't! Not all day anyway... I ended up getting some good writing done.

I was supposed to have a doctor's appointment today to follow up a few things but had to reschedule. I need to get this pelvic pain sorted. Adenomyosis (where the uterine lining migrates to surrounding muscles) showed up in my last two ultrasounds but my last doctor didn't seem to pursue that angle at all, assuming diverticulitis (intestine inflammation) even though I don't think I fit that profile at all. I will do whatever tests the new doctor thinks is appropriate to work it out. Either way, I don't know if they can do anything. But at least I'd know!

Cold rainy day.

B: yoghurt and raspberries, tea.
L: cauliflower soup.
S: apple, tea.
D: lemon chicken saltimbocca, a few bites of vegetables. I cooked some asparagus and broccolini with the chicken but it didn't work out. Had a tiny bit of salad.

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