Thursday, May 26, 2016



Tim was home sick today. It's been going around the family. I just got on with my usual day: writing, minimum of housework, playing computer games in my "breaks", taking the kids to Acrogym after school.

While the kids were in the gym I walked over to the shops to buy more apples - this family goes through a lot of fruit, if we all had two pieces a day that would be 56 pieces of fruit a week! I only have about one per day but Aiden makes up for that with three or more - my foot was ok on the way there but very painful on the way back. I am getting very sick of it.

I'm on to my third type of treatment for the plantar wart, Upton's Paste which is very strong. I put it on last night but don't know if it's doing anything yet. The wart is such a small white circle, doesn't look like it could hurt anybody, but I think it's mostly underneath like an iceberg. Walking is usually like having a pebble in my shoe (on a bruised foot) but sometimes intensifies to feeling like I'm stepping on a nail. If this stuff doesn't work my GP will send to the podiatrist to look at surgery.

I try not to whine about it though, as I hobble around I am frequently seeing people with wheelchairs or walking frames and I know this is a minor and temporary annoyance. It just seems so stupid that such a little thing is affecting my life so much.

We had a knock on the door late this afternoon, the virtual reality headset which Tim wasn't expecting for another month! It takes a bit of setting up, with monitors on the walls to track movement, which is still going on. I'll let you know what it's like when we've had a go.

Two chemists have told me they've stopped making test strips for my blood glucose meter, which I got ten years ago when I had gestational diabetes. I have ordered some online, but if I want to keep testing myself now and then I guess I'll eventually have to get a newer model. I'm so out of date. I bet newer ones do all sorts of amazing things.

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