Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Thirty seven: chaos


I had a really chaotic morning. We had some last minute changes to when people needed to leave and whether they needed a lift somewhere. I thought I had to get up early, then I didn't (snuggled back down with Aiden), then I did (panic!). Then I didn't. After everyone else was finally out of the house, I forgot that I could now relax and take my time. I went out to run my errands even though it was peak hour traffic and I hadn't had breakfast or even a drink. I spent the morning touring government departments, delayed by bureaucracy and staff incompetence, and finally got home at 11:15 hungry, tired, annoyed, thirsty and footsore.

My weight dropped dramatically after two days of eating properly, 1.5 kg down. I'm 79 kg (174 lbs), Richard, I'm on my way! I'm back below my previous low for the year. I got on the scales this morning and saw the 79.0, but then later couldn't quite believe it. Maybe it had said 79.8 and I misread it? I had been a bit flustered at the time. So I took off my shoes and heavy jeans and tried again. 79.1, so I really had seen 79.0 earlier. All the water weight from those extra carbs gone, and a bit more. At least for the day...

I had assumed my feeling a bit off colour this morning was due to not eating or drinking anything, but in the afternoon I continued feeling worse and worse. Quite unwell. Nausea, bloated, aching legs. I tried eating some chocolate but it didn't help (is it just day 3 carb flu again?). I couldn't face making dinner. The kids wanted pizza but I ordered Thai food, I thought it would be a bit healthier. I didn't have any rice but I did have satay chicken and noodles. I have no idea how many calories/carbs/sugar. I'm sure the scales will give me some feedback tomorrow.

B/L: chicken, cucumber, tea.
S: cheese, chocolate.
D: satay chicken, pad thai.

Utterly dismal water intake, I'm still on my third glass for the day. I can't seem to force it down into my upset tummy. Hopefully it's just transitory.


  1. Good job on the race... but, don't slow down, I'm right behind you, figuratively speaking ha ha ha

    1. You are over the opposite side of the world, we need to keep it balanced or it will spin out of alignment!

    2. No YOU are over the opposite side of the world! But balance is a really good point LOL