Sunday, May 22, 2016



Today I got to sleep in! I did wake at around 6am and couldn't get back to sleep for a while due to my pelvic pain, but finally I did and didn't wake again until 9. Awesome.

Quiet day of games and a bit of housework.

My niece Emma was sick so that part of the family couldn't host (or attend) Sunday dinner, Tim went out and bought some ingredients and made Butter Chicken for us and his dad. Yummy. So much nicer than pre-made sauces or even restaurant versions which I always find really sweet. I had cauliflower instead of rice with it, and a little scoop of ice cream (instead of pie and ice cream) for dessert. A bit too much camembert though, while waiting for dinner. Nothing wrong with cheese except it has a lot of calories!

I was worried I'd struggle getting back on my diet after five days off (which should have been three), but it's been fine. I've had cravings, and eaten a bit of dark chocolate, but overall done well. I still need to tighten serving sizes but I'm happy with what I'm eating.

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  1. I hate the cold weather for portion sizes!!! I am always starving when I am cold!!!