Monday, May 23, 2016

Sixteen weeks weigh in


I have now finished my second eight-week round of the Blood Sugar Diet. I have not stuck to its rules perfectly, in particular I've done almost no exercise, but I have got results as good as any other diet I've ever been on and just as importantly when I slip up I don't give up! I pick myself up and keep going!

The basic theme of the diet is low-carb and low-processed forever (the Mediterranean Diet, lots of fresh vegetables with olive oil and nuts and meat and fruit and full-fat dairy, occasional dark chocolate or red wine), with low calorie for this eight week starting period. I am going to continue counting calories for the time being.

Starting blood glucose (last year): 10.8 mmol/L (very close to diabetes)
16 week blood glucose (last week): 8.9 mmol/L (still pre-diabetic range, but better)

Starting weight: 84.5 kg
16 weeks: 79.5 kg
Total loss: 5 kg

That is with a long break between two lots of eight weeks, where I put some weight back on, and a five day break just recently when I also put a bit back on but then have already lost that again. My weight has bounced up and down by a kg or so for weeks, ever since I first hit that 5 kg milestone. My challenge now is to get below that and keep continuing down! And I would love to be in the normal blood glucose range (7.8 or under) by next year's glucose tolerance test.

I can't really set a goal of a certain weight or certain blood sugar reading by a particular date because I am not 100% in control of that. What I can control is my actions not the result. So I will keep making good choices in what I eat and how much, and start getting some exercise.

Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon around 4:30, Jasmine told me she needed fabric for her sewing class on Monday! She had mentioned it earlier in the week but without knowing what precisely she needed. Now she knew, but of course all the shops were closed by the time she remembered it. Today in class she helped a friend and told her teacher she'd get the fabric in time for a double class tomorrow. So we dashed out between school and dance lessons to the closest place I could find, around 20 minutes away. She had very specific ideas of what she wanted for her seat cushion, luckily we were able to find it. They are making the actual stool in woodwork lesson which I think is pretty cool.

I was weak and bought myself a small brownie for a snack while we were out. But then I was strong and did not get KFC for dinner even though I really wanted to.

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