Saturday, May 7, 2016

Forty one: Mother's Day


I'm feeling much better today. Quiet day at home. Presents then the kids made me breakfast (with daddy supervision), and Tim went out and bought food for the day since we weren't originally expecting to be in. Mostly reading and family computer games today. And too much eating. Luckily tomorrow is Monday and another fresh week.

Eight week diet plan:
Fortnight One - stick to plan, maybe a little treat, lose lots of weight.
Fortnight Two - a few more treats but mostly to plan, still lose some weight.
Fortnight Three - as many days off plan as on, weight swings wildly.
Fortnight Four - did you say you were on a diet? regain most of the weight.

I'm about to start the final fortnight of this eight week plan. My goal is to stray from my usual pattern outlined above! Surely I can stick to it for two final weeks. Then reassess.

My own mother died January last year, so this is my second Mother's Day without her. My father died almost exactly a year ago. I have thought of them often today.

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