Friday, May 27, 2016



I didn't get to use the new virtual reality headset last night, apart from putting it on for a minute to see what it looked like, as everyone was so eager to try it out. The kids monopolised it until they went to bed then I thought Tim should get to have a go since it was really his baby! Today I tried it out and I only had to call Tim three times at work to sort it out lol.

There is a headset with a sort of screen in front of your eyes and you can look up and around and all directions by turning your head. Also headphones. And a controller in each hand with a few buttons. We marked out how big our room was so it only lets you take a couple of steps before a virtual wall appears to stop you walking into a real wall. And people outside the game can see everything you're looking at on a computer screen.

We have two games, one is a dungeon adventure which is a little suspenseful since it seems like you're right there next to the skeleton swinging a sword at you. I didn't spend long in that one. It's quite cartoonish but very 3D, it kind of feels like you're in a castle built of cardboard. The graphics are nothing compared to any normal computer game but it's still very impressive to feel like you're right there in it. The other is a cute puzzle game where you move pipes around to redirect the flow of water. I spent a bit more time on that one. I'm sure there are other games out there, and more will be created now that VR headsets are available.

Tim's brother and cousins are coming over tonight, supposedly to watch a movie together but I think they are going to spend the evening in virtual worlds!

My foot is so much better today. I was singing to myself as I did the grocery shopping (Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid, if you're interested), unable to believe I wasn't even limping when yesterday I could hardly walk. So nice when pain is gone. Also, my horrendous TOM is almost over. I am so cheerful today. Sometimes I forget what a difference it can make. I feel like a different person.


  1. I've never tried a virtual reality headset. It sounds like fun. What is the name of the puzzle game? I used to play one that is similar many years ago. It's probably not the same game but in that one you also had to move pipes around to redirect the water. It was actually quite a lot of fun.

    Good stuff about your foot! It certainly is nice when the pain is gone.

    1. I think the game is called Water Bears. Someone else also said it was like the game you're probably thinking of... but in 3D.