Friday, May 20, 2016

Results and referrals


I saw my GP Dr Miller again today. The results for the glucose tolerance test are in, down to 8.9 mmol/L after being 10.8 last year (11.0 is diabetes). Still in the pre-diabetic zone but much better. My blood sugar diet and losing a bit of weight seem to be helping.

She has referred me to a gynaecologist about the fibroids but they can't see me until late July.

We also discussed my mood and she has referred me to a psychologist(?) who will see me in about three weeks. She seemed to think I have a tendency towards depression, exacerbated by recent major life events i.e. the deaths of both my parents and then the move to another state where I have no friends. I lean more towards the hormonal explanation and I feel a bit of a fraud in a way because I'm not really that depressed. I know what depressed is like. And I'm a lot better with anti-menopause tablets. But I am very willing to go and talk to someone about it. Can't hurt.

She also told me off for not using my CPAP.

I like this doctor, it's a shame she's only at the clinic until the end of July.

Ate well again today. I don't know how to number this anymore. It's supposed to be an eight week diet. I did eight weeks back in Jan/Feb but by the end I wasn't really sticking to it at all. I started again seven and a half weeks ago - two days left of this eight week cycle. But I had nearly a week off with the carb loading so I haven't really done eight weeks... oh bugger it whatever. I'll just keep going.


  1. Congrats on getting your blood glucose down and hope things go well with the gynecologist and psychologist. I also have a tendency to depression, and it helps to get help.

  2. I had my own way-overdue gyno visit about 3 wks ago & she nagged me into updating my even MORE overdue mammogram! I got that done last week; yesterday I got the generic postcard which says they're trying to locate my old studies (which were errrrrm, 8 yrs ago!) for comparison...
    I have "dense breasts" w/calcifications which makes them more of a challenge. No wonder I kept putting it off!