Sunday, May 1, 2016


Sunday night:

My tongue is so sore. I tend to get mouth ulcers if I eat too much sugar. It doesn't really take that much to be "too much" and I had a few things over the past three or four days. Now I have several ulcers on my tongue and eating hurts. I can't even consider having anything sweet. Tomorrow I commit to eating clean again. I'm not really bothered that I break out from my diet every so often as long as I go back to it - but I need to limit my binges! This is not fun.


  1. I need to do that too... let's do it together! If you eat good, I'll follow your lead, do we have a deal?

    No pressure on YOUR shoulder LOL

    1. Yes! Monday is always a great time to reset and restart. Clean eating from now on.