Monday, May 16, 2016

Weigh in


Today I was 80.8 kg, exactly the same as last week.

This is my fourth day of carb loading. I'm supposed to do three, but I started early and will get five before my blood test on Wednesday morning. The first two days I loved the feeling of being "allowed" to eat all the carbs I wanted. Bread and potatoes and even biscuits. Crackers with my cheese. Pasta, rice, all the stuff I've been trying to avoid all year. By last night, the end of day three, I no longer had any interest. I did eat the dessert I made (lemon tart) for our family dinner, but then put out lots of snacks in the evening for guests and only had a couple of chips. So it looks like three days would have been ideal. Today I pretty much had to force myself to have toast for breakfast and a bread roll with lunch. I feel heavy and tired and headachy. I had a nap this afternoon for the first time in ages. I thought I was tired all the time because of my poor sleep at night, but now I think carbs must contribute a bit.

But I'm still not having sugar in my tea. I feel like I've got to the point where I almost enjoy it that way (almost), and I don't want to waste all that work.

I poked around on the internet about carb-loading before a glucose tolerance test after getting some feedback that they don't do it in the UK. Apparently the received wisdom here is (or used to be) that if you don't usually eat a lot of carbs then have that sugary drink for the test, your body will overreact and you may get a "false positive" - i.e. the results will show you have diabetes when you don't. They make sure you eat carbs for a few days so you don't have that overreaction on the day. But many now say that carb-loading has little or no effect on the results. I'll just continue to do whatever the doctor/pathology clinic tell me to do each time. I've definitely been trying to do quite a low carb diet so I don't want that to mess with the results if there is a possibility of that.

Aiden's school had a student free day, or teacher development day, or whatever they call it here. I forgot that when planning my week, and had to rearranged my appointments a bit. No problem. We had a nice day together.


  1. I know I didn't have to carb-load for my GTT yrs ago when I was PG, but then again I wasn't eating low-carb at the time...
    It was a pleasant surprise to me, after camping out at my parents' house for 5 d, taking care of my mom after day surgery & NOT making any special effort to limit carbs (I stocked their fridge w/easy to reheat convenience foods: mac n' cheese, chicken w/pasta, frozen waffles & the like) - I came only 1 lb heavier. Perhaps my own insulin resistance is improving?

    1. I put on a lot more than that quickly if I switch from low carb to normal carb! I seem to gain/lose a least a kilogram (more than two pounds) within two days when I switch from one to the other.