Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thirty eight: sunshine


Tim was away last night on a work trip to a different city and still isn't back. The house is very lonely without him in it. I am feeling better today but Jasmine had a sore throat in the morning and got home from school with a bad headache. I hope she shakes it off. She is worried because she has a test tomorrow and can't concentrate. Unlike some kids she doesn't like missing school. Aiden would jump at the chance of a day off school!

I got out for a walk to the library, lovely autumn day. It was nice to get out into the sunshine, I don't do that often enough these days. My foot has been giving me trouble, yesterday was horrible, today it stayed in the realm of discomfort rather than pain. I also picked up a couple of things at the shops, and was too weak to resist some junk food. I knew I should have stayed away. I'm sick of having so many days when give in to cravings. But I'll keep slogging on.

I had a long list of other things to do today and I got quite a lot of them done. My herbs are now properly potted in, for one.

B: bacon, cucumber, tomato, tea.
L: leftover Pad Thai, Wagon Wheel (chocolate biscuit), cheezles (I threw some away), tea.
D: beef stir fry with wom bok.

1 comment:

  1. Since I wasn't good yesterday, I'll say NOTHING about the Wagon Wheel and the Cheezles (the ones you didn't threw away) ha ha ha

    good for you to go for a walk, just take it one step at the time :)