Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Attack of the common cold


The plan for today was BodyPump (with Aiden in creche) then library then the big weekly shop. But this morning Jasmine, who has had a cold for a couple of days, was crying at the breakfast table so I sent her back to bed. All plans out the window. Home all day with one sick child and one well bouncy child. Arg.

So it is going to be a very challenging day, diet wise (and in other ways as well). As it's shopping day, I don't have much suitable food left in the house. I have 4 eggs for protein but no bread. Some fruit but not much in the way of vegetables. I'm sure I can cobble together some lunch but it's probably going to be home-delivered pizza for dinner. And two days in a row with no exercise. Oh well, these things happen.

Actually I am not so bothered about the no-exercise. I am showing some symptoms of coming down with a cold myself. I am so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. I think a restful day will help me fight off germs. Along with lots of water with a squeeze of fresh lemon. Hopefully the fact that I have been looking after my body lately will help -- but not much can stop the common cold.

One of the blogs I started reading recently (I think it is called Why the Weight? but I don't know the link) is by a woman who today reached her goal of losing 101 pounds. Yay! She was laid off work 22 months ago and decided to devote her time to looking after her body; just like me but I only did it for 4 weeks! She lost weight slowly and mindfully instead of trying crash diets like she had in the past. She was finally forced back into the workforce when her unemployment ran out and at her last post she was 3 pounds away from her goal. She said she was ok with that, close enough, although it would have been good to make her goal. Then today, her first day of work, she weighed in 3 pounds lighter!! Cool real life success story.

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