Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday weigh-in: 79.1 kg; down 0.2 kg


I unpacked the new scales this morning and programmed in my height and gender etc but couldn't work out how to get my body fat analysis. I was running a bit late so I gave up and I'll try again tomorrow. But my weight was 79.1 kg. This is only down 200g since last week but I am actually happy with that after my poor exercise and eating this week.

I was feeling much fresher and full of energy today, which was great after yesterday's grumpiness. I got up a little bit late, and after messing around with the scales and scoffing my breakfast I was a tad late for the gym and they had already started. So I ended up in the middle of the front row -- where no-one wants to be! It was my 50/50 class, half an hour of attack (aerobics) and then half an hour of Bodystep. I worked hard through the attack so I was already feeling a bit tired by the end of that section. But I put a brick under my step anyway. It was agony! By the second track my whole body was hurting and I kept telling myself I just had to get to the end of this track. And then the instructor told everyone to lower their step -- so I made it! I was very pleased with myself. I somehow got through to the end of the class on my low step, completely fatigued by the end. My legs felt like they had nothing left.

51 mins, 7% zone o, 48% zone 1, 39% zone 2, 6% zone 3, 204 calories, average HR 123, peak HR 149.

Then I stayed for Bodypump. Crazy, but I kidded myself that we would be working different parts of the body. I think only one other person from 50/50 stays for Pump. I tried to up my weights like I did on Wednesday but couldn't for all of it, I was just too fatigued. The squats, which I usually quite like, were horribly difficult. For the lunges, I kind of just hid behind everyone else (I had moved up the back between classes) and bobbed up and down gently. I didn't stay for the abdominal track. I still think I'm pretty awesome.

47 mins, 78% zone 0, 22% zone 1, 101 calories, average HR 96, peak HR 126.

I was good with my food all day, even when the rest of the family were having treats. So it's a great start to the new week.

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