Saturday, September 3, 2011

Father's Day -- the last hurrah


We all slept in a bit today then the kids came into our bed for a cuddle and presents for Daddy. Jasmine's presents were hilarious (I thought). She had bought them from the Father's Day stall at school and chose a stubby holder to keep beer cold (Tim doesn't drink beer) and a car air freshner (he rides his bike to work and I mainly use the car). But she made a beautiful card with hours of work sewing the word "Dad" in wool on the front in an intricate design. She is only 7 -- apparently they had some kind of template to help them do it.

Little Aiden made a lovely card in preschool with a lolly taped to it. He was very excited about the lolly, Tim was basically forced to eat it straight away. I gave Tim a board game and some chocolates.

Then we all got up and I cooked bacon, eggs & hash browns for breakfast. I couldn't eat my second poached egg on buttered toast, so my calorie count was only 518 instead of about 700. Actually not as bad as I had feared. There will still be some extra calories later, with snacks at afternoon tea and dessert after dinner.

I went to the gym after letting my stomach digest breakfast. I started with 20 minutes on the cross-trainer and pushed myself really hard with four sprints. I do the program with four hills, each one steeper than the last, and I sprinted for the first half of each hill. I had so much more energy than yesterday! Maybe bacon & eggs isn't so bad.

Cross-trainer stats: 20 mins, 3% zone 0, 20% zone 1, 48% zone 2, 28% zone 3, 1% zone 4. Go me! 95 calories, average HR 133, peak HR 160. That last hill was a killer, but I fought back.

Then I did a BodyPump class. I had some problems at first with the weights nearly falling off; I went and got new clips but it turned out to be the bar. Too skinny for the standard clips or something. Today I really paid attention to how I was feeling during each track, whether I had the right weights for my ability and restrictions, and wrote down comments on each one. There are some tracks I can't use any weight at all -- chest and shoulder work -- but on the other tracks I think I can go up a little bit. I will increase from 1 kg each end to 1.25 kg. I know it isn't much, but I am being careful.

I stayed for the abs track at the end but I really couldn't do any of it. It hurts my neck/shoulders too much to do crunches or planking. Many of the stretches after that were also too twisty for me.

I really enjoyed most of the class and powered through it. Everything was so much easier today than yesterday, and doing some cardio first might actually have helped. Lunges are horrible though!

BodyPump stats: 57 mins, 52% zone 0, 42% zone 1, 6% zone 2. 146 calories, average HR 104, peak HR 134.

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