Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sunday weigh-in: 79.3 kg; down 1.1 kg


I was very nervous again about getting on the scales this morning, and with good reason. 79.3 kg. Up 200g since Friday. I know that weight fluctuates, and that it is still a loss of 1.1 kg since last Sunday, but my weight has been going up and down so much that I really really wanted to see it go down twice in a row. It was quite disheartening to see it up a little bit. Actually, when I first stepped on the scales it said 79.6 kg! I refused to believe it and tried again, getting 79.3 three times in a row. I knew I couldn't trust my home scales but I had put my faith in the gym ones. Now I'll have to resist the temptation to get on and off a few times each weigh-in to check.

Over the past 8 weeks, my Sunday weigh-ins have been:
79.6, 80.0, 79.4, 79.8, 79.9, 80.9, 79.9, 80.4 and now 79.3. So you can see my frustration with this up and down of up to a kilo, and why I am not ecstatic about losing the same kilo yet again. I just have to tell myself that this week, now that I am watching what I eat as well, is the start of a consistent downwards slide.

CSIRO starting weight: 80.4 kg
Goal weight: 58 kg by my next birthday (10 months); approx 2 kg/m
Mid-goal weight: 70 kg by Christmas (4 months); approx 2.5 kg/m
Mini-goal: 75 kg

I went into my 50/50 class feeling a bit crushed, all my energy suddenly evaporated. But I pushed through it and then did a BodyPump class as well. Of course I couldn't have done more cardio, but Pump is different. And I was in the mood for needing to feel strong. Each track focusses on a different muscle group, so just when you think you can't do any more they change the muscle focus and you can. It's the first time I have done two classes back-to-back (or even on the same day) so that was pretty good.

Stats for 50/50: 57 min, 17% zone 0, 65% zone 1, 18% zone 2, 199 calories, average HR 116, peak HR 138.

Stats for Pump: 47 min, 69% zone 0, 30% zone 1, 1% zone 2, 108 calories, average HR 98, peak HR 127.

My four weeks off work are over, so I need to make a new exercise plan starting tomorrow. I am trying to plan my work better, for a start, so I don't get frantically busy was the deadline approaches. I freelance so I am in control of every aspect of my work: how many jobs I take on, what deadlines I give myself and therefore the client, and how I organise my time. In the past I have tended to slack off a bit in the first couple of weeks then worked weekends and evenings at the end of each job. It is not good time management. I will pace myself better, and I am also giving myself a week space between each job in case I go overtime or other things come up as they tend to do.

I have four working days with no kids; I will keep two devoted entirely to work, and exercise plus work on the other two; then see how that goes time-wise. Getting the kids to school/preschool in good time rather than at the last minute will help me do a little cardio before my classes.

Monday: BodyPump + elliptical if I have time before class. Work.
Tuesday: Work.
Wednesday: Bodypump + elliptical (Aiden in creche). Shopping, library, time with Aiden.
Thursday: Work.
Friday: Zumba + treadmill if I have time before class. Work.
Saturday: BodyStep.
Sunday: 50/50 + BodyPump.

Exercise on five days, three cardio classes and three weights classes plus bits of cardio on weights days.

I need to get a bit more incidental exercise into my life. Walking the kids to school. Housework. Gardening. Using my little weights and Step at home. Riding my bike.

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