Friday, September 16, 2011

The smoke of weight-loss doom


I feel like this whole week is a write-off. Last night a nearby chemical factory exploded. We weren't in the exclusion zone, but all the schools in the area were closed due to toxic smoke so the kids were home with me (again). It was too late to book them into creche, so I couldn't go to the gym, and I still had to try to get some work done.

Of course if you try hard enough you can find a way to exercise. I had the car, I could have taken the kids out somewhere (away from the smoke) active like a walk or bike ride. I could have used my Step and hand weights at home -- I planned to. But I didn't.

And tonight I am going to a trivia night. Everyone will be taking yummy unhealthy supper treats along. I will try to be moderate, but I plan to have something.

So three days out of four will be lots of calories in, not many calories out. Not so good for weight loss and I dread the scales on Sunday. But I am certainly not giving up. The best way of looking at it I ever heard was comparing it to brushing your teeth. If for some reason you didn't brush your teeth for a couple of days, you wouldn't then decide to never bother to brush them again! And if you don't exercise and/or if you eat poorly for a couple of days, that doesn't mean you give up on it. You just start again as soon as you can.

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