Friday, September 9, 2011

More rambles about my "journey"


I had lovely sleep-in this morning and remembered to have lunch before I went to my BodyStep class, so I had enough energy to get through it without actually collapsing. It felt more achievable than last week, but still completely exhausting. I had to have a nap this afternoon. After all this exercise, I still don't feel that much fitter. But I will just have to keep going.

Stats: 57 mins, 15% zone 0, 54% zone 1, 31% zone 2. 205 calories, average HR 118, peak HR 135. Maybe I should start recording minutes in each zone rather than percentages.

After two days of wholemeal bread, both times fresh (not toasted) with cheese, today I had poached eggs on a slice of toast for lunch. And it was HORRIBLE! The same bread, yet now it was back to my previous experiences and dislike of wholegrain bread. I don't know if it was the fact that it was toasted instead of soft, or the difference in topping, but I hated it. I ate it, rather than toasting a hi-fibre white slice, because I didn't want my eggs to go cold; but I resented every calorie that I was eating without enjoying. I will experiment, but might have to only have wholegrain when I have just bought it fresh and not get a whole loaf. I am not willing to eat something I dislike so much. My hi-fibre low-GI white bread is a reasonably good alternative.

Speaking of resenting food, last night after dinner I had still only had 1.5 of my 3 serves of dairy and although I wasn't at all hungry I decided to have a yoghurt. Dairy is important. And I probably missed snacking. I didn't like the new flavour I tried, so I put it back for my husband to have and had a hunk of tasty cheese instead. It was yummy, but afterwards it kind of just sat in my stomach and I was a bit disappointed with myself. I was genuinely trying to do the right thing by eating all the elements of my nutrition plan, but I felt I had made a mistake by eating something when I totally wasn't hungry -- and well after dinnertime. I need to listen to my body more and only eat what I need.

Other than these tiny hiccups, I am still doing really well on the plan. Looking over my checklist, I haven't quite managed to get in five serves of vegetables most days, and sometimes only have two dairy instead of three. My meat serves might have been a bit smaller than allowed, too, on some days. But I have had a good balance of everything each day. I have had one scheduled "indulgence" (2 squares of chocolate) and am saving the other for tomorrow. I have exercised for an hour or more five days out of six. The only thing I haven't done is eaten fish. The diet recommends two dinners of fish per week and I haven't had any (I had half a tin of sardines one lunchtime). I will work on that. It is tricky because none of us like fish much, especially my husband. He only likes salmon, which is very expensive. I think salmon is the only one my daughter eats, as well. I'll find some new recipes. We need fish that doesn't taste like fish. I currently have both versions of the CSIRO book in the house, with lots of healthy recipes.

The other thing to focus on is liquid intake, this is an ongoing struggle for me. I will continue with it.

I am excited about my weigh-in tomorrow.

Ye Gods but I am tired. And cold, because I am tired. Time to whip up a healthy dinner. Sigh. I like cooking, but often when I am menu planning I decide on complicated recipes then when it comes to that night I don't feel like all the fiddliness and wish I had just bought a steak.

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