Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fresh air and sunshine


I found that I didn't have time today to do two lots of exercise, so I chose a walk around the lake over Zumba. Lovely day, already significantly warmer than last week. The photo is of the fountain that spurts up from the lake, on a windy day you can get quite wet walking past. Photo credit to Rowan (Atkinson, presumably not the famous one).

I took a little under 1 hr 15 mins; I think I walked at the same pace as last week but I didn't detour over the little bridge to the Carrillon to read the timetable, and I didn't stop for a drink except at one bubbler (drinking fountain). Last time I carried a backpack with a waterbottle, a banana, my wallet, my phone, and a book just in case I needed to have a break. This time I just put my phone, keys, & ID in my pockets and relied on the bounty of nature.

My feet were a bit sore again by the end, but not as much as last week. Strange that walking for a bit over an hour can make my feet sore when more strenuous exercise doesn't.

I did some work this morning and then went to my daughter's school assembly because her class was hosting; so I did my walk after lunch and went straight from there back to school pick-up.

I really enjoy my walks. I haven't taken music mainly because the iPod needs recharging, but it is nice without music anyway. It gives me thinking time that other forms of exercise that need concentration don't give me.

I have bacon & eggs & hash browns & other unhealthy things lined up for Fathers' Day on Sunday. Still need to work on my diet.

Only one week left of my devoted-to-exercise time. Where did the days go?

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