Saturday, September 3, 2011

I run like a girl


Today my gym instructor had a t-shirt that read: "I run like a girl!" I think there was more in small letters at the bottom that I couldn't read from where I was. I thought that was an excellent sentiment, turning what can be an insult into an affirmation.

Tim has his hip hop class in the morning, so I went to the gym at 12.30 when he was supervising the kids at their swimming lesson (first of the season) in the pool downstairs. I had meant for us to have lunch before we left but somehow we didn't have time. I don't know if it was the lack of food, or the time of the month, or the fact I hadn't done BodyStep (by far the most strenuous of my classes) for a few weeks, or a mix of everything -- but I had no energy at all. I was struggling by about the 12 minute mark and I took a while to pick up the new choreography and even had to stop a few times. As usual, I didn't stay for the ab work.

51 mins, 41% zone 0, 56% zone 1, 3% zone 2, 135 cal, av HR 109, peak HR 127. You can see I was going pretty slow, I barely got my HR up at all.

And I was ravenous. I didn't shower after my class but went down to the kiosk and scoffed a Picnic (chocolate) bar in about three bites. Mmmm, chocolate and nuts and caramel and wafers. [I didn't mention this bit to my husband, but he reads this blog -- hi darling!] Then I went into the pool area and helped Tim get the kids back into dry clothes, and easily convinced him that we needed fried chicken and chips for lunch. It was nearly 2.00 pm by this stage and no-one had eaten since breakfast (except me and my chocolate bar, of course).

We finally got the food home about 2.20 and shovelled it in. Obviously future Saturdays are going to need better planning. The kids and I will have to eat lunch very early and have something ready for Tim as he's only home for a short time between activities.

Such a late huge greasy lunch meant that I wasn't hungry at dinnertime and only ate a quarter of my steak and a few mouthfuls of corn and gnocchi.

Tomorrow is a celebration day with more "sometimes" food. Monday I will get back on track. Perhaps that "back" is a bit misleading -- have I been on track yet? Anyway, I will make some careful food plans and work on it.

I had a bit of a chuckle to myself at the start of class today. I got a Step with two "bricks" for each end to raise it as usual. As the instructor was about to start I suddenly noticed that most people around me only had their Step one brick high. But everyone always has two... in Pump! In BodyStep I can barely get through the class with NO bricks, and here I was standing behind two. For some reason I found this funny and couldn't stop smiling as I put the bricks back on the stack. Until class started, and I was too buggered to smile.

Gym six times this week. Five and a half if you want to get picky about leaving early on Tuesday. So a pretty good week for exercise. Very bad week for food intake. I wonder what the scales will read tomorrow. And how will exercise go after bacon and eggs for breakfast?

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