Monday, September 12, 2011

Much better


Well I am very glad to say that after yesterday's struggles today doesn't feel difficult at all. I am having a day off exercise to rest my body so I have been working; instead of yesterday's bleariness I am feeling fresh-brained. Sticking to the diet is easy again and I made a recipe from the CSIRO book for lunch -- prawns with chili and garlic and lots of asian vegetables. I guess some days are going to be harder than others but I am so glad that they are not all that hard. And I did so well! Yes I had a bit too much pasta; but compared to the binge I was longing for, that was nothing.

Thursday night's supper has been moved to tonight so I am looking foward to having one of my indulgences; but it is a pleasant anticipation, not the desperation of yesterday. I was planning to have both my indulgences at once, but was reminded today that I am going out on Friday to a trivia night so will save one for a treat then.

I just feel healthy and light-hearted today.

Jodie made it through Day 1 of her extreme diet with no problems.

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