Saturday, September 3, 2011

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

Three posts in one day. Hmm, have I nothing better to do?

Anyway, remember what I wrote this morning about taking the dieting thing slowly with just a couple of mini goals a week? Well, nah. I think I do better throwing myself into something and getting measurable results which motivate me to continue.

So, from Monday I am going on the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. Some Australian science boffins came out with this book a few years ago, apparently based on actual science and studies of people on different diets, and it went straight to the bestseller lists here. I don't own the actual book, but I was looking through it at my dietician friend's house a few weeks ago (she doesn't totally agree with it, by the way) and I wrote down the daily plan. I really feel that I need firm guidance. Just "eat better" is not doing it for me. I just read through their website, which confirmed what I had written earlier, and I was able to print out a weekly diet checklist which is great. The amount of calories allowed is much the same as on my online journal at (which I haven't been using very often).

CSIRO stands for Commonwealth Scientific Industrial and Reseach Organisation, by the way.

I am really excited about going on this diet. I have already planned out my menu for Monday and Tuesday.

The diet is described as being high protien, low fat, moderate carbohydrate. It allows more (lean) meat than most diets and less carbs but it is not ultra low-carb. About three serves of bread/pasta etc a day plus two fruits and lots of vegetables. Plenty of protien, which suits me as I am a carnivore. It also includes two indulgence foods per week.

I tried a low-carb diet once, SureSlim (paid for by my mother, who has always worried about my weight more than I do), just before my wedding. I did lose 5 kg but I was obnoxious and miserable the whole time. My husband has often said I am never allowed to go on a low-carb diet again.

Conversely, a diet that worked for me without the horrible side effects was when I had gestational diabetes. They put me on regulated carbohydrates spread throughout the day. I found this very easy, especially as I was doing it for the baby not myself, so I think this CSIRO diet will suit me. It has small amounts of carbs spread through every meal and snack.

There are two ways in which I will not be sticking to the plan religiously. Firstly, I will be eating hi-fibre low-GI white bread instead of wholegrain which I hate, and I hope this doesn't make too much difference. Secondly, I will be having full fat dairy products; and I know that this will make a difference to calorie count and fat intake. The diet calls for low-fat milk, cheese and yoghurt but I just don't like the taste or texture. Maybe eventually I will get to that, but I want to still enjoy my food even when dieting. I'm sure it will help me stick to it, if I am not trying to force down food I don't like. Quality not quantity! I will keep an eye on my calorie count and I may have to reduce my fat/oil allowance. I don't actually have to count calories for this diet, it is based on serves of various foods, but I think I will at first just to see.

I am a bit torn because I want to start now but I don't want to miss out on junk food tomorrow. I shall try to be moderate. And start on Monday.

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