Monday, September 26, 2011



There is a teachers' strike this morning but I had it all planned, I had Jasmine booked into creche so I could go to the gym despite being super busy. But it all went wrong.

Tim worked very late last night and got home after 10 pm, we got to bed around 11. He woke again at 6 am, which of course woke me (and Jasmine). 7 hours might be enough for some people, it might even be enough for me if I was properly rested to start with. But I wasn't properly rested, and I didn't get anything like 7 hours. It took me a long time to get to sleep and then I woke twice in the early hours of the morning. Even though I needed to pee, I lay very still and quiet so as not to wake Tim and I eventually got back to sleep. To be woken at 6. I feel absolutely wrecked.

We all got up much earlier than usual so I dropped Aiden off at childcare quite early and went to the gym. I thought I would just use the equipment rather than waiting around for Zumba, allowing me to get home earlier to get on with my work. But discovered that creche wouldn't open for another 25 mins. I tried going into Club Pink with Jasmine, thinking we could sit together in the tea room and look at magazines or something, but they wouldn't let her in. The nearby library doesn't open until 10 am these days (which is grist for another rant) and it was freezing outside. So we came home. With the option of turning around as soon as we got here to go back again, or forfeiting the creche spot and just staying home. We have gone with the latter. Jas can watch TV while I work.

On the upside, I have more time to work (if I can somehow get my brain working) and I am too tired to want to exercise anyway... but I did try.

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