Monday, September 19, 2011

Too much fat, not enough time


I weighed myself this morning and finally got all my bodyfat percentages etc.
Weight: 78.8 kg (yay - down since yesterday!)
Fat: 38.2% (anything over 25% is "poor")
Water: 45% (should be 50-55%)
Muscle: 30% (so variable they can't give a "should be")

I can't help noticing that 38.2% + 45% + 30% = 113.2%. No wonder I weigh more than I should! My body mass is overflowing! And that doesn't even leave any percentage space for bones or internal organs. Or brain. I don't know how they work these things out, perhaps some of the water also counts as fat or muscle.

I went to BodyPump and did the heavier weights and it was all good. Strangely, today the bicep track was a bugger (even the instructor said it was horrible) but I could do most of the lunges! Half of them were "power lunges" which I quite like -- you step back, lunge down, step together. Sure beats the strain of holding position and just raising and lowering over and over. My very favorite move, though, is the clean and press where you lift the bar over your head then lower it back to your knees. It makes me feel mighty.

I've had another good day with my diet. Two punnets of strawberries and lots of salad. I'm eating around 1300 calories a day. All that meat is very filling, I am certainly not going hungry. Actually, if I ate everything in the plan each day it would be more calories than that. Today, for instance, I am still owed a slice of wholegrain bread and a serve of dairy -- probably another 200 calories. But I am very full from dinner and don't need any more today. I am doing very well not eating after dinner, as well. So I am feeling good about all that.

I am struggling a bit to juggle all the aspects of my life. Work is going really well, I have freelance clients booked for the next seven months and have had two other prospective clients say they aren't willing to wait that long; so I seem to be well established there. I've got the health side covered with the dieting and exercise. I am reading dozens of fantasy novels for the Aurealis Awards and enjoying it (although there are some other books out I would love to read that I don't have time for). And finally I have enough time in my evening for a certain amount of time relaxing -- watching TV, playing computer games and mooching around the internet.

But... I am not spending a lot of time with my husband and children. My novel is not getting written. The house is a pigsty and is only meeting minimum standards because my husband pitches in on the weekends. I haven't returned to learning guitar or practising singing. I used to love gardening but now rarely step into the backyard, which is a wild ugly tangle.

Some of these are more important than others, obviously. I need to give up a bit of free time to spend with my husband and children, and do some housework & gardening. But I like some TV! And my computer games and reading blogs.

Oh well, I know it is the same for everyone. Just not enough hours in the day for everything you would like to do. As PastaQueen mentions quite a few times in her blog (now completed and wrapped up), getting healthy takes up a lot of time. One hour at the gym means a least an hour and a half out of my day, once I include travel. Today I spent half an hour just preparing a healthy lunch. I don't do that every day, but still. So today I had two hours less for other things. Quite a big chunk of day.

I was supposed to go out to a writing group tonight but I'm too tired. So I will just sit here and read other people's blogs for a while.

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