Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fighting it off, damnit


Looks like my tiredness and muscle soreness yesterday weren't just from lots of exercise. My daughter came home from school tired, but I didn't pay much attention as I just been telling her what a lovely "nap day" it would be if we had the time -- cold and dark and rainy -- I thought she was just agreeing with me. Until she fell asleep at her playdate. She didn't eat any dinner and went to bed very early, her forehead rather hot. I was continuing to feel tired and achey and a bit headachy, and didn't go out to my writing group meeting.

This morning Jas and I are much the same as yesterday. I am keeping her home from school, and she is still in bed. The only problem this may cause is that it is my big shopping day. Not many vegetables left and no meat for dinner. If Jas is well enough, we might go on a quick shop later, just getting enough for one or two days. Otherwise it will be home-delivered pizza -- horrendously bad for the diet.

I don't care if I am sick for a day, I needed a rest day anyway, but I really don't want a long break from exercise. I was getting into a routine! Getting fit! Arg! My eyes are grainy and sore and my throat is feeling very tight and my nose is starting to run.


Jasmine perked up by mid-afternoon and we did a quick trip to the shops for dinner ingredients, so that was ok. I've been headachy all day and my back and knee hurt, but nothing too bad. Hopefully all better tomorrow.

I am very proud of myself for not using feeling unwell as an excuse to stuff myself with junk food. I decided to have one of my two "indulgences" for the week, two squares of chocolate which I melted and drizzled over strawberries. Delicious. I did go a bit over expected calories for the day, but I ate very well.

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