Wednesday, September 14, 2011



During all my struggles on Monday I stayed strong, but yesterday I was finding everything easy so of course I went on a huge binge last night. I had planned one indulgence and ended up eating about five -- a 700 calorie bender. On well, moving on.

Today I did BodyPump and really worked hard. I had some anger to fuel me -- Jasmine broke yet another pair of school shoes yanking the band to achieve her tournique-tight preference -- so I upped the weights on the back and tricep tracks and did all the lunges and even tried some modified abdominal work.

Then I took Aiden to the library and picked up the CSIRO diet's recipe book, and did the grocery shopping. Unfortunately I didn't have time to go through the book before the shopping, so no exciting new recipes this week. We had salmon tonight, and as usual everyone (including me) complained. We just don't like fish, no matter how excitingly it is prepared. So we definitely won't be having two serves of fish a week. The occasional tin of tuna or stir-fry of prawns at lunchtime will have to do.

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