Thursday, September 8, 2011

A sneak peak at the scales


It is still two days before my official Sunday weigh-in, and as I started the CSIRO diet on Monday I have only been on it for four full days. But this morning I was in the section of the gym that has my scales, and I was desperate to know if the diet was doing any good. After seven weeks of vigorous exercise, last Sunday I weighed half a kilo more than when I started. No weight loss at all. So I was very nervous about getting on the scales today. I didn't feel like I had been depriving myself much -- especially when compared to the "Crunch Time" diet I looked at yesterday. I felt that I would be miserable, yet not very surprised, if I hadn't lost anything.

79.1 kg! Yay! That is a 1.3 kg loss since last Sunday. My weight has been going up and down the whole time, so I need to keep working to make it stick, but this is the first time I have been down into virgin fat since half-way through my first week of exercise.

Pure awesomeness.

I was so so relieved.

I went into my Zumba class with a light heart and threw myself into it. I even did jumping shuffles where I usually just march. Stats: 56 min, 31% zone 0, 48% zone 1, 21% zone 2, 181 calories, average HR 114, peak HR 142.

Then I went and bought some wholegrain bread.

The soles of my feet were still a bit tender this morning, the first time I remember it lasting until the next day, but they were fine through Zumba. It is only the long walks that hurt me. Very odd.

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