Friday, May 23, 2014

Another healthy day


Another successful day of eating healthy food, and not too much of it. My swollen bloodshot eye improved enough that I dared go out in the afternoon and do the shopping, but I did miss Aiden's school concert which was sad. Because I didn't go before lunchtime, I had to make do with what food I had here and had an omelette for lunch which was yummy but a few more calories than I had planned, so now I don't have any to spend on a piece of chocolate after dinner. But that is ok. I can look forward to it tomorrow night. I am comfortably full anyway. I am scheduling in a treat several days a week, but only if I have calories left to spend.

I forgot to mention yesterday's big victory over myself. I had to clear the cupboards of junk and I threw out a few things (not the chocolate, which I love as a treat but isn't a trigger food for me - I don't binge on it) but there was an unopened box of savoury biscuits that I left there. I bought them "for the kids" for an event that didn't happen so I was going to save them for next time I needed to provide something. But I knew they were a big temptation for me and it was on the cards that I would give in and eat the whole box by myself. I was resisting throwing them out because ... they were a whole unopened box, what a waste (of a whole $2 or so, big deal) ... I would need to provide something for the kids next week anyway (I could buy something then, maybe something healthy instead!) ... I wanted to be able to eat them myself and maybe in a couple of days I wouldn't even be dieting anymore (very bad reason!). So I opened the packet and tipped them into the bin so they couldn't be salvaged even if I got desperate. A no-fail environment is much easier than one full of temptations.

I picked up my new jeans today, tailored to shorten the legs. They are the biggest jeans I've even owned so they will be something to measure waist-reduction from. Can't wait until they get so loose I need to buy new ones!

Two days in a row.


  1. Nice job, keep going! I need to clear the pantry out myself.