Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day


I got some lovely presents and cuddles in bed, then breakfast cooked by my husband (not in bed). It was kind of a struggle to appreciate it all because I was feeling pretty sick and really just wanted to be sleeping, but I enjoyed as much as I could then went back to bed for the rest of the morning. And another nap after lunch. In a lot of ways I am feeling much better today, I don't ache nearly so much. But I have a runny nose and a cough and can hardly keep my eyes open. But hopefully this new phase means I am on the mend.

I'm a bit cranky with Facebook today. The Eurovision song contest is on tonight, we watched the two semi-finals and I was really looking forward to seeing the final. But we see it more than a day behind the actual event which is on the other side of the world (Copenhagen this year, I think), and Facebook has a "trending news" stream at the side that gave away who won! So annoying! I was being careful not to watch the news on TV today, just in case, I didn't know stupid Facebook would give it away.

Eurovision is awesome. Every country in Europe (or most of them) put in an entry, an original song. And it is so so random. My favourite last year was a male Romanian opera singer, dressed basically like a vampire, who did most of the song in falsetto. There were little Russian grandmothers doing a song a couple of years ago, they came second. There are some atrocious performances and some really good ones, you never know what you're gonna get. People on trampolines, people whistling while playing violin and drums... This year the stand out for me from the semis was the bearded lady from Austria. She was clearly born a man, with a male voice and a beard, but in all other ways looked very female - the hair, the make up, the slinky dress. It was quite confusing to watch. But a great singer and song, a powerful performance, as well as being voyeuristically entertaining.

We were supposed to have a party tonight with people coming over to watch but of course I am too sick so we cancelled. And now I know who is going to win. Where is the dramatic tension?

NB I talked to my mum on the phone but I'll see her next weekend for her birthday.

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