Friday, May 30, 2014

Off the rails and the difference a weigh makes


I finished last night's post too soon! I went off the rails, just a little bit, for the first time.

It started at dinner, really. Every time I sit down to eat, I want to pick up a book. I've been resisting this urge, but last night at dinner (with the kids, but Tim wasn't home yet as usual on a weeknight) I gave in. Not sure why. I first told myself no, then told myself I would compromise and read a bit after I had mostly finished eating, then just picked up the book. Should have been paying attention to my kids, I know! And shouldn't be distracting myself from what I am putting in my mouth.

Not a big deal, perhaps. Or maybe one divergence from the plan leads to another. Instead of eating my planned supper of fruit and yoghurt I was craving some carbs. So I had a small bowl of cereal with extra dried fruit. Then later two chocolate truffles. I still ended up under 1600 calories but I prefer to be closer to 1400. And the real issue is abandoning all the rules of my plan like that. That way leads to giving up and continued obesity.

I woke this morning feeling rather down. I was a bit scared to get on the scale, not because of that one slip last night but because my weight hasn't really gone down since those first two days of dramatic water-weight loss. For the past seven days it's been up a bit, down a tiny bit, stay the same, up a bit, hovering around the same place. I certainly don't expect a loss every day but it had been up more than down. I feel like these first couple of weeks I should be losing a bit, not plateauing already! But finally this morning it went down again! Yay. And I suddenly felt so much better. I can't let the number on the scale rule me, but it is good to know it is headed in the right direction again.

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