Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Glucose test cancelled


My little boy called out in the night that he was feeling sick, and is still in bed sleeping next to a bucket. So I couldn't go to my glucose tolerance test.

I've decided not to reschedule. My doctor didn't think I needed one yet, I've been testing myself at home and I'm about the same, and I just can't take another high-carb day. I know a lot of people love carbs, my husband thinks a meal without them is woefully incomplete, but I am happier with a more moderate amount. I feel awful on a very low carb diet, but also yuck on high carbs. I've put on about 1.5 kg over the three days of carb loading. I need to lose weight, not gain it! So I'll wait another year to do the test.

We are not a healthy family at the moment, with Aiden vomiting and my husband Tim with bad sinus pain (and snoring all night) but he went to work anyway, and me with my persistent cough and now conjunctivitis. The ointment on my eye makes the world a blur. I managed to keep the CPAP on for three hours last night which is an improvement, but with my coughing and Tim's snoring and Aiden being sick I don't think I got any extra sleep.

I've been reading my library books. The one with tips by people who've been on Biggest Loser gave me one word to take away - "maturity". That has kind of stuck with me. To stop being a whiny baby about having to work to lose weight.

Another book I really enjoyed was The Clothesline Diet and it's sequel. It's more of a personal memoir than a diet book. This lady really captured the public imagination about 10 years ago - an overweight Australian housewife who was too embarrassed to exercise in public started by walking around and around her clothesline in her backyard. In the beginning she had to hold onto it for support. She also cleaned up her diet and eventually moved on to exercising where people could see her. One interesting thing about her diet is that it is all about low fat. Nowadays sugar and carbs are more usually seen as the enemy, although of course fat is limited too. Fads and fashions change.

Now I am reading the Beck Diet Solution, which is not a prescriptive diet but a cognitive therapy plan to help you stick to whichever diet you choose. Things like eating mindfully, reminding yourself regularly why you want to lose weight, getting rid of temptations. All practical stuff. There is a new thing to focus on each day for six weeks. I need to work on concentrating on what I am eating rather than reading while I snack, so that my brain as well as my body knows I've eaten. It also suggests choosing a diet plan but also a backup diet, so that if the first one isn't working you can go straight to the backup instead of (as I usually do) faffing around for weeks and months wondering what to do next.

I'm up to choosing an exercise plan, something I'll need to think about a bit. With only a week until our puppy comes home, I won't be joining the gym just now or anything that takes me away from the house for long periods. It might a short walk plus using Kinect games. Last time I got a puppy I was working full time and I felt so guilty being away all day leaving her alone. I used to spend my lunchtimes driving all the way home for a short visit. This isn't forever, but when Thor is so little I want to limit the time he is alone. For the first four weeks, until he is fully immunised, he won't be going to the park or anywhere there are other dogs, so it will be our house and backyard. Then he can start to take walks with me. So excited about getting our puppy!

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