Sunday, May 25, 2014

Eating only what I should


This morning we went out and bought stuff for new puppy Thor (who we are getting next weekend), a small selection of which is shown here:

Our local pet shop is relocating to several suburbs away so it was having a 50% off sale, which was handy. I wouldn't have bought dog food or anything there regularly so I don't care that it's moving away, but it was good to be able to get the dog bed and travel cage cheap. I love the squeaky fox toy.

We chose a name tag that said "Stud" on it in the example one, and assumed that it was just a sample name that ours would replace. But no. The tag now says "Thor" with my mobile on one side, and "Stud" on the other.

We didn't get any snacks at the shops, even though we were there through morning tea time. When we got home, Jasmine made lunch for us, turkey burgers, and I just had a turkey patty and salad. I decided I could have half a bread roll if I wanted after I had finished the rest if I was still genuinely hungry. I wanted it, but I wasn't hungry, so no. Strengthening that resisting muscle.

I haven't been sleeping well at all this week. A combination of trying to get used to the CPAP all over again (not very successfully) and having a sore itchy eye. I take a long time to get to sleep then wake in the wee hours and lie there for more than an hour until I finally give up and take the CPAP off, which seems to help me get back to sleep. Still having unpleasant dreams every night, too. So I was really tired this afternoon and spent an hour in bed after lunch (still not able to sleep!). Then we did housework for a while. The Lego bombsite aka Aiden's bedroom is looking a lot better. We might actually be able to let Thor in there without worrying about him choking on something.

I found my old cross-stitch stuff in his wardrobe. I haven't done any for ten years, since I had kids, so I threw a lot of stuff out. Kept the finished items, some of which I may get around to framing one of these days, and a few half-done things. There is one embroidery I was doing when pregnant with Jasmine of a flower fairy with sparkly wings. It is all done except for one arm! But it got put to one side as soon as I had a baby to look after. Maybe it will get finished in time for Jasmine's first daughter...

Jasmine (who enjoys cooking now I finally let her go near sharp knives and hot pans) made Dutch pancakes with jam and whipped cream for afternoon tea. I just stayed out of the kitchen. Didn't look at them at all. I'd already had some mixed nuts with Mexican chilli and lime seasoning (really yummy, I'll buy them again). Jas actually brought the plate over and offered me some at one point, but I just said no thanks and she took them away again.

Dinner was a bit more of a challenge because I love roast beef and potatoes, but negotiated successfully. Didn't overload my plate and no seconds, not even when I was putting leftovers away. I was very tempted to eat some little bits of vegetable stuck to the pan. Vegetables are healthy! And it was just a tiny bit. But I was very full, perhaps a tiny bit overfull, and one of the Beck rules is to only eat when sitting down. I want to get out of the habit of mindlessly eating more than I need. Every bit of food I put in my mouth counts.

I still have some calories left and I've been feeling a bit hungry in the early hours of the morning as I toss and turn, so I'm going to have some yoghurt before I go to bed. Apart from that, I'm done for the day. Day four accomplished!!!

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