Thursday, May 22, 2014

Two good things, one bad


The first good thing is that I ate really healthily yesterday. I've chosen to use the guidelines of the CSIRO diet - high protein, moderate carb, lots of fruit and veges and not much fake stuff - but I am also keeping it within calorie limits (1400 - 1600). I am reading that Beck diet solution book and I've been practising things like not reading when I am eating (very hard for me! I read while watching TV, in the bath, I'd read while typing this if I could) so I can register what I am eating, and not overeating when I am full - not even vegetables. It was such a relief not to be stuffing myself with carbs every few hours. And I weighed myself this morning, I have lost 1.2 kg! since two days ago as my body gets rid of all the water retention caused by the carbohydrates. I've started today with a good breakfast so it is still going well.

The second good thing is that I was able to wear my CPAP all night! First time since I got the flu. I woke quite often during the night, and it made my nose a bit sore (have to get used to it again) but presumably I got some better quality sleep in between. I've had bad dreams all night the last two nights, lots of stuff about my kids like my brother-in-law not paying attention and driving the car over a dock into the water and worrying about getting my children out before they drowned. And dreams about being really angry with various people. Not sure what is going on there. But anyway, the sleep is improving, thank goodness.

But the bad thing is my eye. It got really sore and red on Tuesday and the doctor gave me ointment for conjunctivitis (probably from my flu) which seems to be helping slowly. But this morning I woke with my eyelid hugely swollen and I'm all puffy right around the eye. It's impairing my vision and I look like the elephant man. Tim checked Dr Internet and it says conjunctivitis can get into the eyelid, so it's probably just that. I need to do the grocery shopping today, and also my little boy is singing in a concert at lunchtime at the local shops (he's better today), but I feel super ugly and also I'm not sure if I should be driving. I'll wait until lunchtime and see how I am.

I didn't exercise yesterday, and even walking the kids to school this morning was an effort. I assume I've still got germs having a party in my body. But it could be partly psychosomatic, feeling miserable about my sore eye affecting my energy levels. I'm so looking forward to being well again! But I am not waiting to get well before I do something about my weight. If I can't exercise yet, I can control what I eat. And healthy food can only help.

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