Friday, May 9, 2014

Missing out on meeting Thor


I am feeling very sad and sorry for myself right now. Tim and the kids have just left to go and meet our puppy Thor (but not bring him home for a few more weeks) and I couldn't go because I am too sick. Partly I couldn't face the hour drive each way, even full of cold & flu medication, but also I am always very conscious of trying not to pass on my germs. I would hate to give them to the puppies! (The internet jury was out on whether dogs could catch human flu.) Tim will take lots of photos for me. Not the same. I had a bit of a cry after they left.

Not being able to use my CPAP due to the runny nose, so therefore poor quality of sleep, probably isn't helping. I seem a bit worse each day. Of course I was very run down to start with after four months of terrible sleep. I have a very sore spot just in front of my right ear (is there a sinus node there?) and my face aches and even my hair aches. I wet my pants sneezing this morning.

It is Mother's Day tomorrow and we are supposed to be having a Eurovision party tomorrow night and then Monday is our wedding anniversary and I can't imagine enjoying any of it.

Ok, pity party over. It's the weekend so I have my husband home to look after me (after he gets home from cuddling our new puppy, I'll get to cuddle him lots soon, stop crying) and I can sleep or slump in front of the TV or play computer a little bit although I'm finding that a bit tiring, and just relax and get well.


  1. Feel better soon.

  2. I'm sorry you're sick! I hope you are feeling better!