Thursday, May 1, 2014

Attractive celebrities with ugly partners


Today I clicked through to an article about attractive celebrities with ugly partners. I guess I was curious. One of the couples was someone (Pierce Brosnan, I think) with an overweight wife - she was thin when they married and had put on weight since then. The author of the article seemed totally astonished that not only were they still together (how noble of him to stay with a fat wife!) but that he publically claimed to not only still love her but still find her attractive! (Must have been lying, right? I mean, she wasn't thin any more.)

I looked at a few more of the pictures and I couldn't always tell who was supposed to be the attractive one in the couple, then I got to Matthew Broderick with Sarah Jessica Parker and I thought, well ok I used to have a bit of a crush on him and a lot of people think that SJP looks like a horse though it is a bit harsh to call her ugly ... then the caption made it clear that she was the "gorgeous" one and he was the "ugly" one! I gave up on the article and read a few comments and they all reflected my opinion that the author was an idiot and a bully who (probably) wouldn't go up to someone and tell them they were ugly but somehow thought it was ok to say it on the internet. And that the "ugly" people were generally pretty normal looking and some rather cute. Just not as glammed up as their famous partners.

Anyway, just thought I would share that.

So on Tuesday I was gambolling over the hills like Maria from the Sound of Music (I even sang a bit from the hilltop! No-one around.) but since then the TOM hormones have kicked in and gravity is too heavy and yesterday I cried when I couldn't get my laptop to behave and it's all too hard. Feeling a lot better this evening.

Not that I would have minded if anyone was around to hear me singing. I can be cripplingly shy in some situations but I love singing to an audience.

I should probably go and see my doctor and see if my newly-acquired high blood pressure needs any treatment. I've seen the sleep doctor guy a few times but we haven't talked about that (except that the sleep apnoea caused it) but I haven't seen my regular doctor. Does it go away now that I am getting better sleep? I'd rather not go on medication for it, my husband is (his high blood pressure is caused by stress, he is fit and not overweight) and it did have some side effects. But of course if I need to take medication that is better than having some kind of cardiac event. My local chemist lets me test my own blood pressure there, I haven't done it for a while.

One thing that has improved is having to get up to pee during the night. Apparently this was not just a matter of being awake so much I was more aware of needing to go. I didn't really take in the explanation but it was something to do with the heart struggling and trying to get rid of extra fluid so it could beat more easily? Causing me to get up to the bathroom more often. I've gone through several nights now without having to get up at all which is a really good sign. Definitely getting better sleep this week.

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  1. I saw a similar article, and it was interesting how people judged one person to be better looking than the other, and how baffled they were that a pretty person could love someone who isn't at the same "level". What a messed up society we have!