Sunday, May 18, 2014

My mum is shrinking


We spent the weekend in Sydney, Saturday with my husband's relatives (now mine too, of course!) and Sunday with mine. We took my mum out to lunch because it was her birthday today, and Mother's Day last week.

Nearly the first thing I said to her, perhaps a little tactlessly, was something like "you are shorter!" It's true I was wearing my hiking boots with lots of tread on the soles and she was only wearing slippers, but nevertheless she has always been a few inches taller than me and now she was shorter. She agreed that she felt she was shrinking a bit, especially with her limp, and she also said her own father (who just turned 96 and is going strong, still living in his own house and having family over for dinner regularly) has shrunk down to her height over the past 20 years. I can't afford to shrink when I get to my 70s, I have to stand on a chair to get to my own high cupboards as it is!

Mum was doing well. She has a long-awaited follow-up appointment with her oncologist this week and she's hoping for some answers and a prognosis now they've had time to see how the treatment is working.

I think I did reasonably well negotiating all the bad food this weekend. Not brilliantly, but I resisted quite a bit of junk that I could have easily scoffed down. Like today at the restaurant; I should have had no dessert, I could have eaten a whole dessert, but what I actually did was share a dessert with my mum. A compromise.

I also took my niece out for a short walk with the pram. Apart from that, lots of sitting in the car or in people's lounge rooms.

I am starting carb-loading in the morning for my blood test on Thursday, and I am determined to eat all those extra carbs while not overdoing the total calories.

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