Sunday, May 4, 2014

Random purchases


I'm down with the flu at the moment which is annoying but I'll get over it. I did the grocery shopping this morning, feeling yuck the whole time. There is an Agatha Christie story where the dénouement is based on the fact that if you are worried or sick you are more likely to do what you are used to, stay in your groove. But today I was the opposite. Leaning on my trolley handle, dragging myself around the aisles, I was grabbing random things. Oh, a tin of chicken soup. That sounds good. (We never eat tinned soup.) A new flavour of chocolate (lime twist) that sounds a bit nasty but lets try it. Silverbeet, how about some silverbeet!? (I've cooked it about twice before ever.) I bet my kids would like this new flavour of biscuits (yes, they probably will, I think I'm on a winner with this one). I like frozen raspberries best in my yoghurt but I think today I'll get mixed berries even though I don't like the blueberries...

It wasn't all unhealthy stuff, it was just random stuff.  What do you do when you are sick? Stay in your usual rut, or branch out like I did today and probably regret it? I shop from a list so the core of meals are fine, but I got unnecessary things and some weird substitutions.

There is another Agatha Christie that flummoxes me because a key clue turns out to be that a woman named her son Evelyn after herself. Even granted that Evelyn is usable by both genders (although that is the only context I've ever seen it as a boy's name) would you name your opposite-gender child after yourself? Seems odd to me.

I read quite a lot of old-fashioned English books and I often find the names funny. Dick and Fanny. Beverley for a boy (I have an Aunt Beverley). But the racism! I probably didn't even notice it as a child. I felt guilty sometimes for re-reading old favourites.

I'm watching a lot of reality TV at the moment. Cooking shows, weight loss, singing, home renovation, dancing. Love them. Nowadays there is usually at least three things running so something on every night of the week (sometimes several on competing channels, and I have to choose my favourite and/or record one). My mum also loves them although she goes for different ones - Survivor and Race Around the World. My dad only watches sport which I find mind-numbingly boring. My husband barely watches TV at all, he plays computer games in the evenings. But he's just through the arch in the study, so we can see each other and speak to each other.

Urg, why do my teeth ache when I have the flu?


  1. If your teeth are hurting, it's probably in your sinuses even if it doesn't feel like it. Sorry you're sick! When I'm sick, I hunker down. I don't deviate and I don't keep going, I kind of do an ALL-STOP! Shopping just wouldn't happen, I'd rather not eat than go out. :)