Friday, May 30, 2014



We picked up our new puppy, Thor, this morning. It was about an hour and a quarter drive to the breeder's house and then I got to cuddle him for the first time. He was very snuggly. I had expected him to cry and complain on the long drive home, but he lay quietly in the travel cage wedged between the kids in the back and then slept most of the way. Not a single whine.

He had fun playing with us in the backyard and exploring a little bit of the house but stayed close to us all the time. He loves cuddles and tummy rubs. After about two hours he looked tired so we put him on his day bed, which is between my desk and Tim's - it seemed a good spot because I spend a lot of my time at my desk during the day, and it's quiet and out of the way. It's a gloomy cloudy afternoon so it's quite dark in here now, and Thor has a toy that was rubbed on his siblings to get their scent on it. He lay down but when Aiden walked away he jumped out and followed him. Then stopped, came back and climbed back into bed and went to sleep! I can't believe he put himself to bed!

The kids are impatient for him to wake up again but they will have to get used to having a puppy in the house. He's like a toddler, go go go sleep.

Life is going to be a bit different but going very well so far.

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