Sunday, June 22, 2014

A better night


I feel a million times better today! Even though I got up just as many times last night (put Thor to bed at 10:30, was woken at 12.15, 2:15, 5:00 and finally 7:15) I was only up for a few minutes each time. Instead of me sitting with him for half an hour (or in one case over an hour) trying to get him settled and quiet and ready to go back to sleep, I just gave him praise for going outside and a cuddle then put him straight back in his brand new bed and closed the door. And you know what? The first time he whined for maybe 5 minutes, the second time 2 minutes, then not at all. What were we worried about? So although my sleep was still broken, I spent most of the night in bed and it made such a difference.

We still want him to go outside when he needs to go to the toilet rather than using the floor, so we'll just have to put up with getting up for a while longer.

I was prepared for a weight gain today of up to a kilogram after yesterday's high carbohydrate, high salt diet and I was right. Up 0.9 kg overnight! I'm not worried, it's just water weight that I will lose again within a couple of days. Goes to show how much of a difference what you eat can make. I ate around the same number of calories as usual, but some foods just make you hold on to water.

I've finished ripping out all the favourite and "must try" recipes from years of cooking magazines and put them all in four folders. It took a couple of weeks. There is definitely a pattern in the recipes I marked. I have at least five for lemon tarts, for instance. And three or four for Thai beef salad. Similar recipes come up every year or so, and the same ones appeal to me each time. I have an extensive chicken chapter and a tiny fish section, and the dessert section is about the size of all the others combined! I hardly ever make dessert, and then it is usually a few tested favourites, but that doesn't stop me bookmarking chocolate self-saucing pudding every time it is published.

A good day with much healthier food than yesterday.


  1. Excellent!! Sounds as if Thor is becoming more accepting of the routine--better sleep for you, yes! So happy to read your positive perspective on the .9kg gain--you're sooooo right. Water. You're in tune with yourself, keenly aware of the connection between what you eat and what the scale shows...This is vitally important for a level moral throughout this process. You're rocking this thing, Natalie! That's a recipe collection--nice!!

  2. I'm glad that he is doing better and you are getting some good sleep!