Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dance competition


I exercised today! Yay!

Thor slept from 10:30 to 7:00 which was so wonderful, and it meant I had some energy to spend today. I challenged my family to a dance contest - first to 50 stars (each track awards a maximum of 5 stars). As I expected, I started off in the lead but as I got tired my husband started catching up. My movements were losing their precision and energy. But I just managed to hold it together long enough to beat him, then collapsed! Jasmine wasn't far behind us in points, Aiden gave up half-way through and was out playing on the trampoline. Tim and Jasmine even kept dancing until they both hit 50 stars, but my 50 minutes of exercise was enough for me for the day.

To restrain Thor so he didn't get under our feet, we put his day bed near us but not in the way and then put him on his lead with the end attached to a chair. He could move around a bit and get to his water bowl but not to where we were dancing. He only struggled for a few seconds, he hasn't been on the lead very often, then he just lay in his bed and watched or slept. So that is a potential problem solved.

My food has been excellent today. I added an apple to my afternoon snack after all the dancing, but otherwise stuck to my plan. Another day done and dusted.

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