Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 21: Back on track again

Wednesday, later:

Today went really well, diet-wise. I stuck to my plan. I was a bit hungry mid-morning and I didn't feel like my scheduled fruit, I wanted something more substantial. But I told myself fruit would be enough and then I would have a delicious hot lunch (leftover beef casserole) only an hour and a half later - and I was right. An apple was fine. And lunch was awesome.

I still haven't done any formal exercise, but with Thor suddenly getting more active and wakeful I've been playing with him in the back yard. It's getting really cold outside as we head deeper into winter, so I have to move around to keep warm! I jog laps with him or kick a ball around for him to chase and growl at.

I had good sleeps the last two nights with Thor only waking once near dawn, and having the CPAP on for around six hours, but I've still fallen asleep in the afternoon in my armchair the past two days. I guess I still have a lot of catching up to do. I look forward to feeling full rested, one day.

I've ordered the follow-up to the Beck diet book I've been using so hopefully that will give me another wave of interest and energy to keep going.

21 days completed.

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