Sunday, June 8, 2014



Today was much harder, diet-wise, but all the more reason to be proud of myself.

Thor has been very excited by all the visitors so maybe that is why his sleep was a bit more disrupted last night. He woke just as I was going to bed so I had to stay up for a while, then was up at 3 and 6 and finally up for the day at 7:30. So my sleep was rather disrupted, and I only wore the CPAP for my first sleep of around 11:30 to 3 so some of my sleep was of poor quality.

I made a fairly high-calorie breakfast but had no morning tea and a light lunch (soup) so I expected it to balance out - but the French toast breakfast was a bit more calorific that I had thought! The light lunch was satisfying at the time but then I got hungry. I had to pop out to the shops because I had more people staying for dinner than I expected, and all the snack food looked so tempting. I badly wanted to get an armful of junk food to enjoy with everyone while we played games and chatted in the evening. But somehow I managed to resist.

I came home and had my planned cheese and crackers (four pieces) from the cheese platter I offered but could easily have eaten a lot more. And then everyone went out to the park to play boule while I stayed with the very overtired Thor and after a while started to get dinner ready. So I was home alone, still a bit hungry, and with the knowledge that there was a platter of cheese, dried fruit and nuts on the table and, worse, a chocolate mousse left from last night in the fridge. Oh, that chocolate mousse was calling me! And only 280 calories, not so bad, right? Even though I was already a bit short of calories left for the day. I honestly don't know how I resisted it.

I made a lovely dinner and yes I might have picked at bits of pork crackling as I was carving it up. And then I had the dessert everyone else was having, icecream and berries, instead of the healthier version of yoghurt and berries I had planned. But no one is perfect, right? And I didn't even eat it all, mainly because my father-in-law started talking politics and he gets very loud and excited and I hate it and left the table as soon as I could (and I'm not the only one!).

After the kids were in bed we played more games and everyone else scoffed down some supper and had liqueur. I didn't have anything. I watched other people, a couple of them quite overweight, eating, and had no impulse whatsoever to emulate them. I actually went quite judgemental (hopefully only inside my own head): how can they eat so much! Don't they know it's unhealthy and fattening?! Like I haven't done exactly the same thing many times.

So overall I had a few more calories than usual, I got up to 1650, but I resisted so many things! Sometimes it was easy, like supper, sometimes very very hard. I consider the day a huge win in terms of mostly sticking to my diet under sometimes adverse circumstances.

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