Monday, June 9, 2014

Queen's birthday


Today was Queen's Birthday public holiday. Some of our guests were still here so we had a more elaborate breakfast and lunch than I would normally make but I didn't overeat. I didn't have any of the chocolate I offered them, I had an apple for my snack. And tonight I only ate until I was full even though there was more yummy food available and I did briefly consider it.

One reason I was so careful was that I was saving up calories for a treat. Tonight for supper I am going to have that leftover chocolate mousse! I have been looking forward to it all day and it has actually helped keep me from straying. I didn't want to have to tell myself I couldn't have it because I had no calories left.

So I am doing excellently well sticking to my food plan, and I give myself lots of credit for that. Now I need to work on my exercise. I plan to spend the mornings working, Thor is happy to sleep on his daybed next to the computer and sleeps for about three hours with only a short wakeful period when he needs to be taken out, so I have plenty of time to get some writing done. Then after lunch I will try using the Xbox to dance. I'm not sure how my little puppy will react to that! I don't want to trip over him. He'll get used to it if I do it regularly.

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  1. Definitely watch out for the puppy! I tripped over the cat while trying one of those dancing games, and it wasn't pretty.