Monday, June 2, 2014

So tired


Thor got us up four times last night. He is getting used to his bed and being alone, and not resisting much when being put to bed, but he still wakes frequently and needs to be taken out - into the cold rain. Having no luck with the inside tray. He waits until I let him out of it then goes and pees on the carpet. Any tips? I'm reminding myself this is a relatively short phase, I've just got to get through it.

Nausea from overtiredness making food very unappetising. And I'm either constantly watching the puppy to try to forestall accidents, or am carrying him or have him on my lap, so preparing food for myself is tricky. I've just finished dinner and I've only had 820 calories today. I was interrupted by needing to go and clean up an accident, I wasn't feeling very hungry anyway and just couldn't eat any more after that.

Who decided getting a dog was a good idea?

But look at this face...

So mostly I had a pleasant but very unproductive day, hanging around with the new puppy. Waves of tiredness made me pretty miserable at times, and I got a bit frustrated with the toilet training. But I know it's only day three! I was just already on the edge of being exhausted, with my sleep apnoea issues, and now I am way over the edge and in free fall. I'm hoping for at least a slightly better night. At least it isn't raining.

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